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Web Development Programs & Student Work Examples

Harper College Open House Web Development Programs and Student Work Examples

WEB 150: Web Foundations

Introduces the foundational skills needed to create web pages utilizing HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Topics include Web design best practices, web site hosting, Internet protocols, graphics, media and security. Students utilize the skills learned to create a business-oriented web site project.

WEB 150 Student Website Work

Harper College student Jason Kellermeyer
Harper College student Alleena Zumberi
Harper College student Joshua Bayless
Harper College student Jose Luis Zacarias

WEB 170: Web Graphics & Prototyping*

Emphasizes techniques of sketching to develop digital wireframes and mockups to create an interactive prototype of a business-orientated website with the focus on user experience and interface design. Uses current prototyping tools to match industry standards. Explores utilization and best practices of web graphics. Examines usability testing.

*Course name is changing to WEB 170: UX Fundamentals

WEB 170 Student Website UX Research & Redesign Presentation Examples

WEB 190: Web Authoring Tools

Utilizes current industry frontend frameworks and advanced Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) techniques to create responsive websites. This course is project-based and students demonstrate skills by creating a business-oriented web site.

WEB 190 Student Website Work

CSS grid and flexbox foundation
Bootstrap framework foundation

Web Development Programs

Web Design & Development Degree (A.A.S.)

Harper College's associate's degree in web development prepares you for a career developing websites, mobile experiences, and interactive user interfaces. (60 credit hours)

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Web Development Certificate

Develop the skills needed to begin a successful career in Web development with this 27-credit-hour certificate program. You’ll get a beginners-level overview of web development with an emphasis on scripting and programming techniques. This is an ideal program for individuals looking to enter the web development field. It’s also a great choice for people whose current job scope has expanded to include website responsibilities.

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Web Design & Interactive Media Certificate

Take the first step toward a successful career in web design and interactive media by completing this 27-credit-hour certificate program. Learn the technology nd today’s Internet and website design protocols by producing professional communications and innovative interactive web solutions. You’ll also develop an understanding of the technical aspects of interactive web design. This is an ideal program for individuals interested in pursuing a career in web design/interactive media, or for people whose current jobs have expanded to include website responsibilities.

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