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Welcome to Coffee Run! Where your steps equal rewards!

We are Coffee Run, a small coffee chain that rewards our members with coffee, treats, and merch for every step they take. Our goal is to help our customers reach their step goals by offering rewards for each milestone passed.

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Step up and earn points

Link Coffee Run to your favorite step counting app to start earning points

Every 5000 steps = 10 points

  • 100 points = A hot or iced coffee or tea, a treat, or a snack
  • 200 points = A Handcrafted Drink or hot breakfast item
  • 300 points = Sandwich, Shake, or protein box
  • 500 points = Select Coffee Run merchandise


Earn more points by participating in affilated events

Find affilated events and races near you to earn extra points per step and for a chance to win exclusive Coffee Run merch.

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