Baldur’s Gate Books

The oldest bookstore in Baldur’s Gate

New Stationery Sets Available

Write in style with embossed leather journals and filigree silver quills.

Our Story

We may sell the stories of others, but we have our own tale to tell. Learn about the history of Baldur’s Gate Books, the oldest book Shop in Baldur’s Gate.

Event Calendar

Be it a book club meeting or a ‘secret society’ meeting, our doors are always open for the pursuers of knowledge

Book Requests

Do we not have the book you are looking for? Let us know and we will do our best to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Book Reading’s with Alfira

A new voice comes to Baldur’s Gate! Join us this Weekend for a children’s story hour with the rising star Alfira.

Story hour will include the first volume of ‘A is for Azuth, and other Gods’ and then a sing along, ending with a dramatized account of the ‘savior of the grove’, a a tale from our dear star’s own travels.

Tome Time

From beginner to Arch mage, we have the tome for you! learn simple cantrips and how to read minds, but please, don’t cast fireball in the store.

History’s Mysteries

Ever wonder how Baldur’s gate was founded? Or how magic has evolved? maybe you want to know why beasts no larger than a peacock are allowed in the city. Whatever questions you have, our books have the answer.

Hear From Authors, Experts, and More

Hear from the community

“The books don’t explode, no more singed eyebrows!”

-Roland, our newest customer

“they don’t ask questions about our society, 10/10 would recommend for secret meetings”

-The Society of Brilliance

“A prime spot for napping on laps.”

-Tara the Cat (we do not know how she made this comment)