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Rainbow Planet
This PSUPlanet shows the expansive colorwaves that may be randomly assigned to your minted PSUPlanet.
Saturn Planet
Another one of the many attributes that can be randomly assigned to your PSUPlanet is rings. Similar to Saturn.
Earth Planet
This PSUPlanet features the random designes and landforms your PSUPlanet can be randomly assigned. This one looking similar to Earth but pink and orange.
1 of 1 Koffing Inspired PSUPlanet
This PSUPlanet is known as a 1/1. A 1/1 is a PSUPlanet that is randomly given to a minter. 1/1 PSUPlanets usually contain references to movies, videogames etc, and are hand made instead of randomly generated. This one being an homage to the Pokemon Koffing.