Our Student's SAT Scores

Our student's scores

Our students score very high on all competitive tests

Our Approach

Start Early

We have noticed a pattern for success when kids are introduced to math and reading at a very young age. It has been proven by scientists that introducing kids to a variety of languages and concepts helps increase their cognitive development. We teach them to enjoy learning and this encourages a life-long inclination towards learning.


The assignments and the worksheets we have are very elaborate and carefully designed to cover almost every topic required to understand and percieve the concepts. We encourage them to think deeply and widely that enhances their critical thinking skills. We give feedbacks every two weeks to make sure they are understanding the concepts.


Instead of showing kids how to solve problems with memorizing things, we focus on teaching them ways to analyze a problem. This helps them identify patterns and build connections that will help them come up with different ways in which a problem can be solved, all on their own. Kids build self-confidence required for their future success.

Our Programs

We have various programs based on your child's grade


Elementary School Programs

We believe in starting the kids at a very early age. We engage kids with easy and colorful worksheets. Young minds grow quickly and your young child will be exposed to a world of learning!


Middle School Programs

After working with our staff, your child will have enhanced math and reading skills that will help them excel in school. Our challenging assignments will develop focus and self-confidence.


High School Programs

Our self-learning method for high-schoolers will drive your kid to taking up advanced courses and perform above and beyond their peers. All our kids take up Honors courses that will help them in college.

Test Prep

Test Prep

We prepare your child very well for all exams, whether it is SAT, ACT or any other kind of competitive exam. Our rigorous test prep program includes 8 full-length practice tests to ace any kind of exam.

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